Maintain Sliding Mirror Closet Doors: Top to Bottom

  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 10
What You'll Need
Vacuum cleaner

Sliding mirror closet doors have a remarkable ability to make a smaller room look larger while providing you with a full-length mirror at the same time. These mirrored doors have been a popular choice for homeowners for many years.

It is important that you keep the doors in good condition to keep them working properly in your home.

Preventative Maintenance

The best way to make sure that your sliding mirror closet doors are always working properly is to perform regular preventative maintenance. An inspection a couple of times a year will ensure that the doors continue to slide easily for many years.

Check the track during your routine maintenance. It is important that the track remain free of debris that could prevent the door from sliding. Use the crevice tool on your vacuum cleaner to remove any loose debris that is on the track. Use a screwdriver to slide along the areas that you can see and bring up any debris that is wedged in the track.

The wheel that sits in the track can become matted with pet hair and dust. Keep it clean by wiping it down as you move the door along the track. This will ensure that the door does not become sticky with dust and pet hair. You might need to use a pair of tweezers to remove the fuzz and pet hair that you find on the wheel.

Spray some WD40 on the ball and in the track. This will keep the door gliding smoothly along the track.

You should also check how the door is hanging. Most of these sliding mirror closet doors are raised by tightening the screw that is at the top of the hanger. Doors that have dropped too low will not glide as smoothly as they should. Tighten the screw to make sure that your door is moving as smoothly as possible.

Check the track to make sure that it has not been bent or damaged. You may have to straighten out the track if you find bends as this would keep the door from sliding smoothly along the track.

Most of the problems that you will find with sliding mirror closet doors are with the track. If your mirrored doors are not properly set in the track, they will not slide easily. Make certain that the doors are in the track and that the track is in good condition.

Simply checking these areas will keep your sliding mirror closet doors in good condition for many years. Use a flashlight to make sure that you find everything that might be causing a problem with your doors. If you find that the door is not sliding along well, check the track and wheel first, this is the most likely cause of the problem.

These doors are simple and easy to maintain choice for bedroom closets. When the track is working properly and the mirror is kept clean, it can make a tiny bedroom look much bigger than it actually is. Keep your sliding mirror closet doors in good shape with preventative maintenance.