Maintaining a Door Threshold

A poor door threshold is unfortunately a good way to waste a lot of money during the winter months. Even if it is the middle of August, it is never too early to start winterizing your home. With winter just a few short months away there are several things that people can do in order to maintain their door thresholds in order to cut down on heating costs once the weather turns. In fact, you do not even have to wait for winter in order to see the benefits of maintaining a door threshold. Just as a poorly maintained door threshold can let the cold air in while in the middle of January, it can let the overly oppressive hot air in during the summer months. A properly maintained door threshold can keep you cool in the hot months and warm in the cold months.

Garage Thresholds

Most door threshold problems are found where the Garage door meets the floor of your garage. Most garage doors do not form a tight seal when they are down, allowing air to circulate into the garage. Not only can air circulate into the garage under these poor thresholds, dust, leaves and even pests can enter. Fortunately, easy solutions can often be found at your neighborhood hardware store for just a few dollars. Most new door thresholds are either made of rubber that is glued to the floor or aluminum that acts as a bumper in order to keep out dust, leaves and wind. Some door thresholds are made of wood as well.

Easy Maintenance

These thresholds are easy to maintain, as they are built to be durable and last for a long time. Those that are installed under garage doors need to be durable, as they are often driven over by cars parking in the garage. Most wooden thresholds are used for exterior doors as opposed to garage doors since they do not stand up to normal wear and tear as much. If you constantly drive over wood it will form depressions in the spots that the tires keep hitting. Aluminum, however, is built to maintain its shape. The sturdy structure of the metal is meant to hold up for years, giving a homeowner peace of mind. Rubber thresholds work even better. They are often held in place by a sturdy glue that does not break down over time. The rubber also helps to form a tighter seal than wood or metal.

Low Costs

As far as price and maintenance goes, all these are very similar. A 36-inch oak door threshold for an exterior door can run for a cost effective $14 or less. Aluminum thresholds are a little more pricey, but with that price comes durability.They generally cost about $40 per threshold, and with that price you get the flexibility of an adjustable threshold. Since garage doors are much larger than your typical exterior door the price is naturally higher. The peace of mind, however, is invaluable, as the cost is often defrayed by lower heating and cooling bills throughout the year.

Maintaining a threshold is cheap and easy to do. Just simple maintenance can save you valuable money in energy and cleaning costs over time.