Maintaining a Star Cactus

The Star Cactus is a spherical cactus with eight sharp ribs and spines of about two to four inches. It grows yellow flowers that measure three inches across. In youth the cactus is more rounded in shape, but as an adult it becomes the typical columnar cactus.

The star cactus grows best in a sunny location and winter temperatures of about 50F. In the summer, it only requires light watering. In the winter the plant only needs minimal watering.

How to Grow the Star Cactus

This plant is considered a succulent (houseplants), requires low maintenance and eventually develops into a columnar shape. It is best to start with seed and grow the plant from there.

The plant develops yellow flowers and is resistant to drought, heat, and humidity. They bloom from the early summer to late summer. The plant works best in a United States Department of Agriculture "hardiness zone" of 10.


This plant needs a lot of sun, as it is part of the cactus family. The soil should be in a pH range of 7.5 to 8.5. The plant can grow in some sand and loam.