Maintaining a Waterfall Pump

A waterfall.

The waterfall pump in your backyard water feature is an integral component that ensures the smooth flow of the water to and from your pond. Because it is submerged in water, over time the pump gathers debris such as algae, leaves, twigs, grass, and other waste matter. Since the accumulation of these items can cause the pump to work less than effectively, you need to maintain it by cleaning it periodically.

How Waterfall Pond Pumps Work

Waterfall pumps work by pushing water from the lower pond to the upper pond of your water feature, creating a constant cascade of water. The pump has an impeller, or a rotor blade, that uses pressure to push water up and it can become clogged.


If you have the assembly directions for your waterfall pump, consult them for specific instructions. Basically, you’ll need to remove the pump from the water, take it apart and thoroughly clean it. Although it is likely that you won’t need any tools for the task, there are tools available that are designed for such maintenance.

Soak the impeller blade for 30 minutes in a solution of limescale remover and clean the other parts by hand. Then, once you have removed all algae, grass, leaves, pollen, any other extraneous debris and have cleaned the rotor blade, reassemble your pump and replace it in the water. You should see a smoother, unhindered flow of water from your pond.