Maintaining an Eco-Friendly Sustainable Tropical Fish Aquarium

A tropical fish aquarium is lovely in a room, and watching the fish can be very relaxing. It’s important to maintain the tropical fish aquarium, however. Do it in an eco-friendly way. It’s no harder than using chemicals, and you know you’re doing right by the environment and ensuring nothing awful can get into the tank.

Removing Algae

It’s important to regularly remove algae from the glass of the tropical fish aquarium. Not only does this help your view into the tank, it stops the buildup of algae that can affect both fish and plants.

By having the proper plants in the tropical fish aquarium, you can keep down the level of algae, but you’ll still need to undertake regular cleaning. Use an algae pad. There are many on the market. Choose a good quality one from an aquarium store rather than buying something cheap from the hardware store. There will be no chemicals, and you really don’t want those in the water.


When you clean the tank, you’ll need to clean the gravel to remove all the droppings and leave it in a good state. When you need to replace the gravel, which shouldn’t be too often, choose good quality and go for natural gravel. A good substrate is necessary to feed the plants that root in it. Having a regular maintenance schedule for your tropical fish aquarium will mean that you’re sure it’s clean.


When you need to clean the glass inside the tropical fish aquarium, don’t use a commercial glass cleaner. These have chemicals and can leave a residue if you don’t use them properly.

A much more eco-friendly solution is vinegar. It’s a substance recommended for windows, and it will do a good job on the aquarium glass. Additionally, it’s excellent for removing any stains or marks on the glass as well as giving exceptional clarity. Some people prefer to use newspaper on the glass with the vinegar, as the reaction between the glass and newsprint works well. If you prefer, you can just use paper towels. Rinse off afterwards to remove any vinegar residue. The smell will dissipate in just a few minutes.


Plants can be an important part of the maintenance of your tropical fish aquarium. Research plants and make choices that will help keep down the algae in the aquarium and that can also be food for some of the fish in the tank.

You do also need to work with the plants, making sure that they don’t grow so big that they take over the tank, for instance. You want plants to provide shadow but not block out all the light. Allow ample room for the fish to swim and play. That can mean regular pruning of the plants in the tropical fish aquarium. It’s important to not allow the plants to grow out of hand, both for the appearance of the tank and the condition of the fish inside it.