Maintaining Slate Countertops: 3 Cleaning Tips

Slate countertops are considered to be the toughest countertops available and can last for years when properly cleaned and maintained. Here are three helpful cleaning tips to keep your slate countertops is prime condition.

Regular Dusting

Using a soft cloth, go over your slate countertops once or twice a week to keep dust, dirt, and any other types of debris off of the countertop. You can add a small amount of slate cleaner to the cloth to remove stains or set-in dirt.

Apply Mineral Oil

Whenever the finish is starting to dull on your slate countertops then you should apply a coating of mineral oil. This tends to give it a shinier finish and can protect it from water and heat.

Sand out Scratches

Through use, especially in a kitchen, you will accumulate several small scratches on the countertop. Use some very fine sandpaper, at least 240 grit, and rub out the scratches. Slate can scratch fairly easily, so this will be a part of your regular maintenance. Once you have finished sanding the slate down, then rub off the dust with a web cloth.