Maintaining Your Airless Sprayer

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Your airless sprayer is a large investment. To keep your airless sprayer working properly you must take proper care of it by not neglecting proper preventative maintenance or necessary repairs. Never use your airless liquid sprayer if it is not in good working order, as this may cause further damage and eventual breakdown of the sprayer.

Paint on the Motor

Do not let paint collect on the motor; it will act as a blanket causing your sprayer to overheat. Be sure to clean paint off the motor when splatter occurs. Always use a motor cover when operating, as this also helps to cool the engine and keep it from overheating.

Valve Care

It is very important for you to take care of the valves on your sprayer. The inlet valve needs to be oiled after every use to keep your sprayer in good working order and will help when priming the pump. Thoroughly clean the valve assembly with a small bristle brush and water. After you have cleaned the valves, your sprayer should no longer drip. If it still does, you may need to replace the valves.

Pressure Relief

If too much pressure builds up in your sprayer, you are going to damage it. Always relieve pressure during the painting process.

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Clean the Filter

Check the screen every time you change your paint buckets—it may need cleaning. If it does require cleaning, use a soft bristle brush to remove debris. There is a filter in the spray gun to stop debris from entering the tip of the gun. If this becomes clogged it will cause the filter to run, so clean it as soon as you notice your paint patterns becoming distorted.

Proper Storage Procedures

Remove all pressure and liquid from pump before storing.

Clean the threads of the inlet valve.

Oil the valve with household oil.

Wipe down the entire sprayer to remove all dirt and paint.

Use the proper solvent for the job, as some products mixed with the wrong kind of paint can create a jelly-like substance that will be harder to remove.


To prevent pump corrosion never leave water or paint in the sprayer. If water is left in the sprayer during freezing conditions it can turn to ice and ruin the pump beyond repair. Always store your airless sprayer with the right fluid mixture. Check your owner’s manual for proper instructions.


Check and change fuses as needed to keep your motor running strong.

Unscrew your fuse counterclockwise to remove it.

Be sure not to touch any metal parts of your fuse when it is still in the circuit.

Screw in the new fuse clockwise snugly. Always follow instructions in your owner’s manual; it may have different suggestions depending on your model and brand of airless sprayer.

Never leave your airless sprayer in direct sunlight since this can damage your sprayer.

Do not over-tighten the packing nut.

With proper maintenance and care your airless sprayer will last you through the years, saving you time and money.