Maintenance and Upkeep Tips for a Basement Bathroom

It is easy to overlook a basement bathroom, partly because of its small size, and partly because of it's location. A clean bathroom in the basement contributes to the overall hygiene in the house. A dirty basement bathroom will create health and home maintenance problems for you. Below are a few tips to help you care for the bathroom in the basement.

1.   Ventilation

Due to its location and the general absence of windows, a bathroom can easily develop a damp atmosphere that can encourage the  development of mold and mildew. It helps if you install an exhaust fan in the bathroom to reduce moisture levels and facilitate proper ventilation. This will ensures that your shower doesn't increase moisture levels in the room. It also helps to prevent odors. If your bathroom has windows, it is a good idea to leave them open for a while during warm, sunny weather. However, during hot weather or days of high humidity, keep the windows closed.

2.   Lighting

A well illuminated bathroom in the basement helps to hamper the growth of germs and mold. It is a good idea to install low-powered bulbs in the bathroom to save on energy. Keep the lights turned on, especially if your bathroom doesn't have windows.

3.   Sealing Windows

If the bathroom in your basement has windows, inspect them regularly for gaps. Seal all gaps with caulk to prevent moisture. This will give you more watertight windows and reduce the moisture levels within the bathroom.

4.   Insulate Cold Water Pipes

Condensation is common on cold water pipes due to the cold surfaces. This contributes to high levels of moisture which encourages a damp environment. It makes it easier for mold and mildew to develop in your bathroom. Insulate your cold water pipes to reduce the incidence of moisture in the bathroom. Make arrangements to replace the insulation material when it begins to wear.

5.   Use a Dehumidifier

Install a dehumidifier in the bathroom. It will help to draw moisture from the air. This helps to prevent build up of condensation within the bathroom. Be sure to run the dehumidifier consistently, especially during hot seasons.

6.   Place Gravel around the Basement

A high amount of moisture is common around basement areas of a home. Place a good amount of gravel all round your basement. It will absorb moisture from the immediate environment and reduce the levels of moisture. This will help to keep your bathroom dry and as a result it will be less prone to mold and mildew growth.

7.   Keep it Dry

Strive to maintain a dry bathroom in the basement. Be sure to mop up excess water after each use. This helps to reduce the humidity levels in the bathroom. Do not leave towels or dirty clothes in the bathroom after use because they contribute to a damp environment. Put wet bath mats outside to air dry rather than leave them in the bathroom. You may want to use a heat lamp in the bathroom. It helps to facilitates evaporation of moisture which will help to keep your bathroom dry.