Maintenance Techniques for Easy to Clean Shower Pans

Shower pans come in a wide range of materials and are an integral part of your shower unit. However, they must be cleaned and maintained from time to time so that they remain in good condition. Here are a few easy cleaning and maintenance tips that can work wonders and make your shower pans long lasting.

Tip 1: Crack Sealing

Check your shower pan regularly to see if cracks have developed. Cracks can lead to leakage of water into the floorboards of the shower stall. If there is a scratch or a small crack on the shower pan curb, then you can repair it yourself at home, using caulk that is silicone based for sealing the crack. In case of a deep crack at the base part of the pan, you need to hire a shower repairing professional before the crack leads to major water seepage.

Tip 2: Refinishing

Take care while refinishing the shower pan. Wipe the sides of the pan and using sandpaper, sand away the flaky parts on it. The coat on the shower pan surface should look dull and de-glossed after sanding. Apply a coat of primer over this surface. You can also paint the shower pan, after priming it, with a color that matches the shower stall.

Tip 3: Scum Removal

Soap forms scum on the pan easily. Remove this scum every two weeks by applying some grease removing soap on the pan and leaving it for few minutes. Scrub the pan with a scrubbing net made of nylon. Rinse the pan with warm water and dry up by wiping a clean cloth all over the surface. Your shower pan will be completely scum free.

Tip 4: Mold Removal

Mix a spoon of baking soda with two capfuls of vinegar and apply it all over the shower pan. Leave the pan with this paste on for some time and then wash the pan clean with hot water. This effectively removes mold on the shower pan. You can also use mold removers available in the markets.

Tip 5: Stain Removal

Baking soda when mixed with water in a thick paste can remove stains from the shower pan. Leave the paste on the stained portion for few minutes and scrub with a tooth brush. Rinse thoroughly with water and dry the pan using a towel. A thin coat of car wax, if applied on the pan, acts as a good sealant that prevents frequent formation of stains on the shower pan.

Tip 6: Disinfecting

Disinfecting the pan is another step for keeping it clean. Take a mixture of white vinegar and water and apply on the shower pan using a brush. Leave the pan undisturbed for an hour and rinse well with warm water. Dry the pan with a towel. You may apply a second layer of vinegar as well before washing off.

Tip 7: Cleaning

Use household bleach to clean your shower pans. Apply the bleach with a sponge from the outer areas down to the parts connected to the drain. Make sure you clean the drain assembly by riding it of debris and hair. Clean the niches and corners of the shower pan. A toothbrush does the trick at the corners. Never use wire scrubbers for cleaning shower pans. Use brushes that have soft bristles. If your shower pan is made of acrylic or fiberglass, use a liquid dish detergent or a mild solution for cleaning. Do not use acidic bleaches or cleaners with acids in them. For a marble shower pan, use cleaners that are meant for natural stone. Using any other kind of cleaner on them will damage the marble by eating into it and forming holes.