Maintenance Tips for Frameless Glass Sliding Doors

A frameless glass sliding door.

Frameless glass sliding doors work by having small hinges between each of the glass frames, and runners attached to the tops and bottoms of the glass. This avoids having to include a heavy plastic or metal frame around the glass which could cause damage to the door and become stiff with time. However, frameless glass sliding doors still need a lot of care and attention.

Clean Regularly

The most important maintenance regime you can have with frameless glass sliding doors is a regular cleaning schedule. This will ensure that the door and the sliding mounts are kept free from debris and dust. Poor cleaning could make the glass panels seem misty, and may also cause corrosion on the hinges and sliding parts. Cleaning also ensures that you can check the glass for chips and cracks which could reduce the beauty of the frameless glass.


Regularly adding grease to the sliding carriage of your frameless glass sliding doors means that there is a good source of movement between the open and closed positions. You can use basic lubrication, such as automobile grease, or gear lubricant, as these will both ensure that the mechanism moves freely.