Make a Ceiling Beam from Foam Molding

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  • 4-6 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 100-500
What You'll Need
Foam molding trim
Saw/sharp knife/hot wire
Tape measure
Synthetic plaster
Construction adhesive

Ceiling beams made of foam molding can lend a distinguished look to any room without the price tag associated with wooden ceiling beams. They create he illusion of height. If your house needs a little aesthetic boost, you should seriously consider installing ceiling beams. The great thing about foam molding is that you can get the same look as wooden beams and the installation is not at all difficult. Foam molding will look identically like wooden beams just as long as you treat the moldings well. Follow these steps to install foam ceiling beams in your home.

Step 1 - Make a Design Strategy

Before you embark on any home improvement project, you need to have a design plan ready. For this specific project, you will need to decide where you want to place the beams. Once you’ve decided on that, get the measurements. Doing so is fairly simple. Just measure the length of your ceiling to determine the length of the beams and then decide on the width and the height.

Step 2 - Prepare the Foam Molding Trim

Now that you have the specific dimensions, create your beam by gluing foam molding trim together. The best kind of glue for the job is construction adhesive, which you can find in any hardware store. You want to be really generous with the adhesive; otherwise, pieces of foam may fall from the ceiling. If the glued foam molding trim is longer than needed, you can cut the excess with a sharp knife, saw or hot wire.

Step 3 - Treat the Foam Molding

To treat your foam molding so that it looks like wood ceiling beams, paint the molding with synthetic plaster. You can find synthetic plaster in any hardware store. Wait for approximately an hour before handling the foam molding. If you want a tougher ceiling beam, you can paint an additional coat of synthetic plaster.

Step 4 - Add Finishing Touches

Once the synthetic plaster has dried, you can paint the ceiling beam according to the aesthetics of your house. You can choose from the different coats available at the market in order for your ceiling beam to blend with the rest of your room.

Step 5 - Attach the Ceiling Beam

When the paint has dried and you are satisfied with the look of the ceiling beam, you can attaching the beam to the ceiling and the wall. Add construction adhesive to the sides of the beam that will meet the ceiling and the walls. Remember that the construction adhesive is the only thing that will keep your beam fastened to the ceiling; therefore, you must apply a liberal amount of adhesive to the beam. When it comes to placing the beams, aim for a snug fit. Exert enough force towards the beam until you are certain that the adhesive can sustain the weight of the beam.