Make A DVD Storage Cabinet In Five Steps

What You'll Need
Paint or Stain

A DVD storage cabinet is a great thing for the media savvy family. It creates a practical storage facility for the collection you’ve built up as well as offers a good way to conceal them and reduce clutter. Building your own cabinet can be done in about a day, and will only require proper planning and tools. Here’s how you can make your own.

Accurate Dimensions

Step 1- Work out the Dimensions

Your first step should be to draft a plan for your cabinet. Consider how many DVD’s you need storage for, and think about how often you purchase new ones to allow for expansion later on. When you know how many DVD’s you want storage for, you can begin to figure out how much room you will need for storage. This will help you get a better estimate of how long each shelf in the cabinet will be.

For your plan you should estimate about 10 inches height for each shelf and about eight inches depth. The width of the cabinet will be based on how many DVD’s you plan on storing.
With these measurements you can start to figure out how much lumber you’re going to need and make your purchases accordingly.

Step 2- Measure the Lumber and Cut It

Once you have the lumber at home you can start to measure and cut each piece. You will need a top, bottom, two sides, and a back. The top piece will need to be 8 inches by the maximum width. The bottom piece will be the same. The sides will need to be the height by 8 inches.

Once you have the measurements worked out you can start cutting the wood to match your dimensions.

Step 3- Create Your Shelves

You can make your shelves by cutting pieces of wood to eight inches long by the width of the case. You want to take in account the ply of the wood and subtract this from the eight inch figure.

Step 4- Attach It All Together

You can start to attach the shelving to the back of the cabinet using the drill and screws. Once the cabinets are attached in a sturdy manner, you can work on attaching the sides. Once the sides are in place you can work on attaching the top, then the bottom. Set the cabinet upright and check for levelness and sturdiness. If you need to make adjustments go ahead and make these before you finish the cabinet.

Step 5- Painting

Your cabinet is now constructed. You only need to paint the cabinet, or stain it to match your other furniture. Do this part outside or in a garage, and allow plenty of time for it to dry before placing it in it’s desired location.