Make a Mirrored Room Divider with Adhesive Mirror Tiles

Lead Image
  • 1-4 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 20-200
What You'll Need
Glass Cutter
Tape Measure
Self-adhesive Mirror Tiles
Chalk line
Ruler or yardstick
Eye safety glasses
Work gloves

Wall mounted mirror tiles are a great way to make a small space look bigger. Adhesive mirror tiles can be installed easily. Installation can be completed in a few hours.

Step 1 - Measure and Select Tile Size

Measure the room divider’s height and width. Write the measurements on a paper and re-measure. Always measure twice to ensure accuracy. Calculate the area of the wall by multiplying the height by the width.

Choose tile size depending on the look you want. The most common size is 12 by 12 inch square, but if you have a larger area to cover there are other sizes, and some decorative etched styles, that are available at most home improvement stores. When you purchase tiles, be sure to buy extra, in case one gets broken.

Step 2 - Marking Guidelines

Clean the divider surface and choose an arrangement. They can be placed square, diagonal, or staggered. Try drawing each possible pattern on paper to see how each looks. Using a ruler mark the divider to accommodate each tile in your chosen pattern.

If you use 12 inch tiles, a ruler will work fine. However, if you are using larger tiles, a yardstick will work better. Mark both horizontal and vertical areas. Once you have marked all your squares, use the chalk line to make straight marks to evenly mount the adhesive mirror tiles. Before making the chalk lines, use a level to ensure the lines are straight.

Step 3 - Attach Adhesive Mirror Tiles

glass cutter

Wear gloves to protect your hands before you begin. Once the chalk lines are all marked on the divider, remove part of the backing off the first mirror tile. If there is a coating on the front, do not remove it yet.

First, align the tile in the lower left corner of the wall following the chalk lines and attach the tile. Carefully remove the rest of the backing ensuring that it is set squarely on the marked lines. Install each additional tile in a vertical path closely following the chalk line to ensure consistency. Ensure that each tile is tightly set against the one below. After you complete the first row, continue in the same manner from bottom to top, setting each tightly against the mirror to the left and below. Be sure to follow the chalk line to ensure straight edges.

Step 4 - Cut Mirror and Finish

If you have to cut glass, measure the size you need for each tile. Be sure to wear safety goggles or glasses before starting the process. Hold a ruler and score a straight line with the glass cutter. Set the mirror on a flat surface and press down to break the glass on the scoring. Install the cut mirror in the same manner as before. Remove the protective coverings off the mirrors and clean with a glass cleaner and a lint-free cloth or newspaper.