Make a Pool Tiki Hut

A poolside retreat area can have a tropical flair with a pool tiki hut. The tiki hut can be found at many ocean side resorts. However, you can add a great entertainment area at your own poolside with your own pool tiki hut.

Building a pool tiki hut does require some woodworking skill and a great amount of time. This is not something you will do easily in your spare time. However, if you do take your time and focus on the details, you can build a great looking pool tiki hut.

Materials Needed
•Treated Lumber
•Palm Leaves
•Circular Saw
•T Square
•Tape Measure

Step One
Plan out where you want the tiki hut to be built. Once it is built, it is pretty much permanent because it can be quite heavy and not easily broken down.

Step Two
With a basic plan, or outline of the shape of your tiki hut, build a frame by using pressure treated 6x6 posts. Attach these posts to the patio or concrete slab with metal post brackets and concrete bolts. Make sure the frame is completely plumb, or vertical, and at least nine feet tall. Not only will these posts be used as your shape, but will support the roof as well.

Step Three

If you are going build in countertops, frame in your bar area. Using regular 2x4 lumber and build a basic bar. Build the bar in one corner of your tiki hut. It does not have to be attached in case you want to move it later. However, the option is there to make is permanent.

Step Four

Using more of the treated posts, frame in the outline of your tiki roof. Connect each post to the standing posts with lag bolts. Countersink the bolts into the post for a clean finished look. You can design your roof in any shape you desire. A standard tiki hut is a conical roof, but you can have a flat roof with beveled edges if you desire. Remember to keep a slight angle on the roof to allow for water runoff.

Step Five

Using plywood sheets, lay down the sheathing for your roof. Cover all the seams with weatherproof seam tape to protect against rain.

Step Six
Install palm leaves. Using either silk palm leaves, or real thatching, weave the branches together for a water tight roof covering. Let a uniform amount of palm leaves hang down over the side to keep water running outside of the pool tiki hut. Many leaves will be required, so this part will be a little time consuming.

Step Seven
Put on finishing touches. From here you can customize any way you want. If you have added power to your pool tiki hut, you can add lights and a ceiling fan to keep the air moving during those humid, hazy summer days. Install a cook top and refrigerator in your counter area for poolside cooking and dining.