Make a Star Tree Topper with Christmas Lights

Lead Image
  • 2 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 20-30
What You'll Need
Card stock
12 guage silver wire
Wire cutters
Strand of Christmas lights
Assorted silver beads

You can create a great holiday memory by making your own ornaments and Christmas decorations. Below are instructions for making a star tree topper with Christmas lights. This topper is beautiful and can be used for years.

Step 1 - Create the Star Structure

Before you begin this project, make sure to test the lights that you will be using to be sure that they work. Check the strand for any broken bulbs to avoid a fire hazard.

To create the star structure that will support the lights, first sketch a star pattern on card stock that is approximately 10 inches wide by 10 inches tall. Cut the pattern out. Unroll the wire and use it to create an outline of the paper star. Bend the wire with the pliers to the desired shape of the star. Repeat this process two more times. You will end up with three stars.

Push the stars into one another so that the top points are touching and the stars are fanned out. Attach the pieces together with a piece of wire. Set the star structure aside. To create the part that will secure it to the tree, cut a piece of wire that is 8 inches long. Using the pliers, form a corkscrew that is smaller on the top and about 3 inches in diameter on the bottom. Secure it to the star structure with a piece of wire.

Step 2 - String the Christmas Lights

Position the lights so that the end without the prongs is at the top. Push it into the center of the star to hide it away. Gradually weave the lights around the star's arms until all three stars are covered. Leave the pronged end hanging down at the bottom of the corkscrew. Do not wind the lights to tightly around the star. They should be easy to move around so that you will be able to achieve the right effect.

Step 3 - Put the Star on Top of the Tree

The final step in creating the star tree topper is to place it on the top of your tree. Straighten the top branch of the tree so that it stands straight up. You may need to bend it in half or cut it off so that it is about 8 inches high and will allow the star to stand without falling. Once the star on the top of the tree, plug the pronged end into the strand of lights just below the star.

This star tree topper is a wonderful addition to any Christmas tree. It is handmade and will add a touch of whimsey and sparkle to your tree. When you are finished using the star at the end of the season, store the star wrapped in a separate box to ensure that the arms of the stars will not bend or break.