Make a Steam Room: A Guide

A steam room provides a way to convert a little used powder room or spare bath into a health-club or spa style sauna. This is a way to save on the costs of gym membership or having to join a spa club in order to receive the benefits of a good steam. Building a steam room in your home can be a good home renovation and improvement project to undertake.

Waterproof the Room
You should choose a room in the home that is waterproof and generally free of moisture. This would limit your choice to a bathroom since the necessary plumbing and moisture barrier is already in place. You will need to seal the walls with cement board and replace the drywall with an exterior that can sustain a large amount of moisture without warping or requiring replacement in short time periods.

Install a Steam Generator

You will need to purchase a steam generator for your steam room. The steam generator produces the steam and creates the therapeutic benefits that you are looking to derive from the steam room.

Select a steam generator that fits in the room that you are remodeling for the steam room. You should read all installation instructions and test the equipment to make sure that the installation was proper and the steam room is working properly.