Make Coffee Ground Compost Fertilizer

Recycling used coffee grounds as compost fertilizer is a sustainable practice that will add nitrogen to your compost pile while keeping your coffee grounds out of the landfill. Many commercial coffee shops even keep their coffee grounds and distribute them to gardeners for free.

From Coffee Grounds to Fertilizer

Your used coffee grounds are endowed with extremely high nitrogen content that helps break down compost while providing a nutrient-rich feed for your plants.The grounds can be added directly into your compost pile but should be thoroughly turned and mixed in to ensure proper distribution and quicker decomposition.

Dealing with High Acidity

It is important to note that coffee grounds are acidic and may change the PH of your compost pile. High acidity can be easily neutralized by adding horticultural lime. Use one teaspoon of lime per 5 pounds of coffee to successfully neutralize the acid.

Acidity, however, isn't always a problem. When added directly to acid-loving plants like blueberry bushes coffee grounds provide both acid and nitrogen in a time-release manner.