Make Cushions for Your Round Kitchen Stools

Round kitchen stools serve many purposes. They can be used at a breakfast bar or at a bistro table and for many other creative ways around your house. The hard wooden surface of the stool is uncomfortable and can make it hard to sit and enjoy yourself. Follow these simple steps to create your own custom round kitchen stool cushion that will provide comfort as well as style to your universal stool.

Step 1: Measure Twice, Cut Once

Measure the circumference of the stool. This will give you the measurement you need to make the top of the cushion. Then, measure the height of the round seat add 3 inches to the height measurement to allow for the foam material and elastic that will be put down on the round stool.

Step 2: Fabric and Foam

Selecting fabric for your stool project is simple. Choose heavy-duty fabrics like canvas, duck cloth or burlap. These fabrics will be sturdy enough for frequent use. Measure 3/4 yard of fabric for each stool. When choosing the foam insert choose a medium grade that is firm enough to be supportive when sat on. The foam should be 2 inches thick because it will sink slightly when sat on. You may also choose to tuft (add inset buttons) the cushion so you will need to purchase four buttons per stool. You will also need to have 1 yard of 1 inch thick elastic for each cushion.

Step 3: Assembly

To assemble, trace a pattern of the top of the stool using a piece of cardboard. Cut out the pattern and set aside. Use the pattern and transfer it onto the fabric using a pencil. Cut out all of the circular pieces of fabric for each of the stools. With the measurement for the circumference of the top of the stool cut a strip of fabric 3 inches in width and as long as the circumference measurement adding 2 inches for the seam. Do this for each of the stools that you are using. Join the two ends of the strip together with right sides facing and sew a 2-inch seam. Pin the circular strip to the round piece of fabric cut previously and sew the two pieces together. Sew a hem on the bottom of the fabric that is 1 inch. Thread a piece of elastic through the hem and tie it off at the ends. The outer part of the cushion is complete

Step 4: Completing the Project

With the outer cover complete use the cardboard pattern and cut enough circles of 2-inch foam for each stool. Cover the foam with the fabric cover. Now is the time to add tufted buttons if you wish. Put your thread through the underside of the foam. Run the thread through the button that is on the top of the fabric. Using a sinker or second button, secure them on the underside of the foam. Put the cushion onto the stool and secure it by allowing the elastic to wrap around the underside of the round stool.

Making a cushion for your round kitchen stool is easy and creates a comfortable place to sit when entertaining or having breakfast.