Make Funky Furniture by Reupholstering with Bizarre Fabrics

woman reupholstering a chair with green fabric

For the homeowner looking for a way to create an interesting room for a teen or simply make an unusual decorating statement, retro and unusual fabrics can be the way to turn normal and boring couches and chairs into funky furniture that can liven up a room. Here are some ideas for making your furniture make a loud statement.

1. Fabric Choices

For the home reupholstering project, the choice of fabric can make all the difference between a successful project and one you end up regretting. When you begin a funky furnishing project, start by looking at the different fabric styles available to you. Keep in mind that upholstery fabric is designed to be stain-resistant and sturdy, but the thicker the fabric, the more difficult it will be to work with while you are reupholstering your piece of furniture.

2. Style Ideas

a pile of various fabric samples

70's Retro – There has been a resurgence in styles that could easily be found in the 1970s. Colors like rust, avocado green, and deep brown are popular again, as are bold plaids, large prints, and swirls of colors. You can also find retro fabrics in a variety of materials like faux suede, crushed velvet, and chenille. If you look hard enough, you might even be successful at finding a funky fabric that looks like fuzzy mohair or even shag carpet.

Vintage Florals – Another grabbing choice is to go with is a loud vintage floral-patterned fabric. These fabrics can be almost psychedelic with bright purples and orange flowers, or they can be softer, faded colors that look like old fabric from an old sofa that might have been at grandma's house back in the day.

Animal Prints – Animal prints are back in vogue again. The sofa or armchair covered in a brilliant tiger stripe or leopard print pattern is sure to bring comments and giggles from visitors. Imagine a silver and black metallic giraffe print covering a set of armchairs in your entertainment room.

3. Measurements

Before you purchase fabric for your funky furniture project, you need to measure the piece of furniture that you intend to reupholster. You will also need to include measurements for cushions and pillows.

  1. Measure the width of the back of the sofa or chair.
  2. Measure the height of the back of the sofa or chair.
  3. Measure the depth of the sofa or chair.
  4. Round all of these numbers up to the closest ½ foot.
  5. Multiply these measurements together for a surface area (example: 5W x 6H x 8D = 240)
  6. Multiple this number by .04 for a 7-inch skirt or .08 for a 12-inch skirt.
  7. This is the total number of yards needed for your project.

4. Go Funky

a colorful patterned chair

Reupholstering a piece of furniture with a funky fabric is a way to bring life and fun to a room or to lighten the mood or tone. If you are considering this kind of home project, look at all of the different kinds of fabrics available and measure carefully before purchasing fabric for your project.