Make Homemade Candles Look Professional

Creating your own homemade candles is a great craft and hobby for anyone. Homemade candles are easy to make and can easily become a home business. To do this you'll need to make them look professional and fashionable. The article that follows will provide some ideas on how you can make your homemade candles look professional.

Right Container

When you're creating your own homemade candles you have to choose a container for them that shows off your work. The only acceptable materials are glass or metal. Plastic will melt as the candle does the same thing. Even with these two materials you can create many kinds of homemade candles. You can turn an empty soup can into a candle if you wanted to, along with that favorite coffee mug of yours. Mason jars are a popular container for professional homemade candles if you wish to go with a rustic look for them. Old vases, ash trays, mugs and more are all contenders.

Container Designs

Plain glass or metal as a container can be considered boring or unimaginative. You can create a professional look to your homemade candles by changing the physical appearance of the container for the candle. For glass you can paint the outside of it using water colors. This will change the color of the glass but you will still be able to see through it in order to see the flame. Metal can be changed a lot more than glass. You can cut designs in the metal above where the wax ends. You can also punch holes in the metal to form a design. You can also add candle container toppers that just add a design element to the container.

Add Flair

There are little things you can do to the outside of the container that can add spice, style and panache to it. Popular choices are wrapping fabric around the rims, tying a bow around a handle or adding flowers to the bottom of the container. You can add jewels to the outside of the container, stencil on designs or anything that you think will look good.

Scented Candles

Homemade candles that have scents added to them make for the best professional appeal. Candles are no longer used as a practical home tool but are used as design elements and as a way to scent a home. Add scented candle oil to the wax when it is melted and cooling down. As the candle melts it heats the oil which in turn gives off the scent.

Crafty Tags

People love to give homemade candles as gifts and you can make that statement easily by including a gift tag on the candle. Use old paper, pieces of cardboard or you can stain generic white gift tags to look antique. Attach them to the candle container with an old piece of twine. You can also dip the tags in scented oils which can complement the scent of the candle. One possible scent combination is to dip the tag in vanilla but the candle being scented with honeysuckle.