Make Ice Melt: Products You Can Use

heavy ice hanging off of a house
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-100

There are many ice melt products available on the market to control snow and ice problems on roofs.

1. Ice Melt Sock

One such product is called an ice melt sock. You can purchase an empty ice melt sock and fill it with ice melt products from a hardware store. When placed or tossed on a roof at a right angle to eaves and gutters, a good ice melt sock can typically melt about 20 square feet of roof ice. These ice melt products often last an entire winter.

2. Chlorine Tablets

Chlorine tablets are easy to use, as you can stand on the ground and throw them onto your roof. The tablet itself will melt, melting the surrounding ice and draining through your gutters.

3. Heating Systems

Various heating systems are available to provide constant ice melting for roofs. Ice melt products in this category include heating cables that fit into gutters and roof edge radiant heating that prevents icicles from forming. Some systems can provide heating cables that cover the entire area of a roof. This practice is not common, but can be very beneficial to those with flat roofs. Custom ice melt products are also available to provide heat for smaller, specific problem areas of icy roofs.