Make Kitchen Cabinets in 7 Easy Steps

You can make kitchen cabinets in 7 easy steps. Many homeowners are turning to do-it-yourself projects in their remodeling efforts to save money. This is not surprising with the economy as it is, and with a little forethought and planning, you can build your own as well.

Make Your Plans

You have to have a plan in mind when embarking on a project to make kitchen cabinets on your own. Among the things you have to do in the preliminary stage are:

1. Measure your kitchen and create a drawing that is to scale and includes the cabinet building plans you want to use.

2. Make a visit to the local cabinet shop, be sure to note the appearance of the finished wood, and the cost.

3. Choose your wood, and ask an employee at the lumber supply to give you a hand. They will give you an estimate of the final cost of the wood. Make sure you include any hardware such as hinges and knobs that you will need.

Build the Cabinets

Now you're ready to put the plans to make kitchen cabinets to use. There are several other steps that you want to do before beginning actual construction of the cabinets.

4. Put together the final plans using the measurements of the kitchen and cabinet dimensions.

5. Put together the list of materials you are going to need including wood, hardware, shims, etc.

6. Construct you cabinets according to the building plans you have chosen.

7. Finish the cabinets with the paint or stain of your choice following instructions given on labels.