Make Life Easier with a Rolling Work Bench

Mechanics, engineers and construction workers find many uses for a rolling work bench. Made of sturdy, rust-resistant steel, with a tremendous array of available doors, cabinet configurations and internal fittings, the rolling work bench goes with you to the vehicle or the job site, and is a dependable helper for every task. Learn more below about how to make your life easier with a rolling work bench.

Convenience of a Rolling Work Bench

Your rolling work bench combines your tool shop and work surface. Choose from hinged doors, drawers, fixed and sliding shelves, fitted tool shelves and 1 or 2 locking wheels to hold and move the tools and accessories you need out to a vehicle for repair or around the construction site for initial builds or last-minute adjustments. When the job is done, load the rolling work bench into your truck with a forklift and you are on your way.

Rolling Work Bench Security

Secure your rolling work bench in 2 ways: fasten the doors with a secure lock and locking bar, then lock the bench to an interior wall at the garage, or to the job site office wall. The locking wheels resist slippage, pushing and tugging so the workbench will not injure you or others at your workplace.