Make Patio Furniture Chairs Easier On Your Back

Once you have your patio furniture and are ready to enjoy it, take some time to add some back-friendly comfort to your patio furniture chairs. No matter what the style of patio furniture, there are a few steps you can follow to make your patio chairs feel a lot more comfortable.

Step 1 – Take Stock of Your Style

What kind of patio furniture chairs do you have? Are they the increasingly popular Adirondack chairs? Do you have contemporary wood designed chairs in teak, mahogany or other hardwood? Is your patio furniture wrought iron, resin, aluminum? Do you have stone chairs and benches? Take note of the particular style and design you have so you can have a better idea of what types of changes you’ll need to make for your chairs to make them easier on your back.

Step 2 – Sit in Your Patio Furniture Chairs

Before you make any decisions on what needs to be added to your chairs to make them more back-friendly, take the all-important step of sitting in them. Feel the small area of your back and gauge the distance between it and the back of the chair. If there’s too big a gap, you’re not getting any support at all and you’ll quickly wind up with a backache. Are you pretty much sitting bolt upright? That’s also uncomfortable and leads to strain and compression of your disks. Is there too much of a slant in the back, so that you’re tipped toward a more horizontal level? This can also add to your back troubles – especially if you have a bad back to begin with.

Step 3 – Measure Your Patio Furniture Chairs

Once you’ve sat in all your patio chairs, you’ve got a good idea of which ones (maybe all of them) need additional support for your back. But before you can rush out to the patio furniture store or go online to order your remedy, you have to first measure each chair. Since you’ll most likely be ordering cushions, which come in various thicknesses, styles, materials and level of support, the dimensions you’ll need are standard: length, width and height of the chair back, seat, and, if a chaise lounge, loveseat, patio sofa or bench, these will vary considerably.

Step 4 – Visit a Patio Furniture Store to Get Ideas

Maybe your first stop is the store where you bought your patio furniture chairs (and furniture) in the first place. But, if you’re like many Americans, you’re trying to refurbish and update patio furniture and chairs that you’ve had for a while. Since patio furniture is so durable, the structure will outlast many cushions. Take a few digital photos of the chairs or furniture you need cushions for (you can even use the camera in your cell phone) and take them to the patio furniture store. Ask the salesperson to help you find cushions that will be appropriate for your furniture and ones that will help ease your back.

Next, be sure to sit in chairs that have various cushion thickness and support levels. Include not only the seat cushions but also the seat back cushions. Maybe try out some bolster cushions as well for the small of your back.

The sales personnel at patio furniture stores are very knowledgeable about products from many manufacturers, and have catalogs with literally hundreds of styles and choices – if they don’t have the particular type, and thickness of cushion you want in the store. Use the salesperson as a resource. You may even be able to take home a cushion to test it on your own furniture.

Step 5 – Order Cushions for Your Patio Furniture Chairs

After you’ve selected the style, thickness, color and manufacturer of the cushions for your patio chairs, place your order. You can do this right at the store, or go online to possibly search out a better price. The advantage of ordering at your patio furniture store is that you won’t have to pay shipping charges and, if they have the item in stock, you can take it home with you for immediate back relief on your own chairs. Remember that if you do order, especially if it’s a specialty item, odd size or color, you’ll have to tack on extra time to receive it. That delays your back-easing comfort on your patio. But the results will be well worth it.

Step 6 – Relax With Your New Back-Friendly Patio Furniture Chairs

All you need to do now is sit back and enjoy the comfort of your brand-new, back-friendly patio furniture chairs. You can give yourself kudos that you’ve made a wise decision and one that’s best for your back as well.