Make Your Small Bathroom Bigger

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Most homeowners think that their bathrooms are too small; however, since it's time-consuming, expensive, and a major hassle to actually enlarge a bathroom, most people decide to just live with what they have. A few visual tricks and some practical choices can make your small bathroom appear larger. Here's some ideas of how you can make your small bathroom feel bigger.

Color Is Important

Dark colors make a space feel smaller, while lighter colors create the feeling of space. Choose lighter shades such as blues, greens, or grays that visually recede from the eye and make a room seem larger. Light colored ceramic wall tiles laid from floor to ceiling also create the illusion of space that can be enhanced if you use larger tiles, rather than smaller tiles.

Mirrors Expand Walls

The old designer trick of using mirrors in a small space to make it feel larger works well in a bathroom as in other rooms. Be careful not to have too many mirrors because when mirrors catch reflections from each other.

Natural Light Opens the Space

Natural light not only makes a room feel more inviting, but it also gives a feeling of openness. If your windows are located high enough to ensure privacy, leave them uncovered so that natural light can enter. If they're lower, covering only the bottom half will leave lots of room for natural light to come in while still providing privacy.

Some more costly options for getting natural light into your bathroom include expanding the size of your bathroom windows or adding a skylight. A tube skylight installed through the roof is an effective and less expensive option.

Pedestal Sinks Occupy Less Space

Removing a vanity and replacing it with a pedestal or wall mounted sink will give you more floor space. Wall mounted cabinets will give you the storage space you need in a bathroom without taking up any floor space.

Tubs Are Space Hogs

If you have a tub and shower combination your small bathroom, consider removing the tub and going with a shower enclosure only. A shower enclosure with clear glass sides will make any room seem larger.

Pocket Doors Hide Away

In some homes it's possible to change a swinging door to a door that slides, which is called a pocket door. A sliding door frees 3-feet on the inside of your bathroom, as you no longer need to allow space for the door to swing into the room. If you can't eliminate the swinging door, at least take advantage of the back side of it to hang towels and keep them out of the way.