Make Your Own Cozy Slippers

colorful handmade slipper socks
  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-50
What You'll Need
Fuzzy fabric
Grippy fabric
Sewing machine or needle/thread
Pair of boots
Measuring tape

Cozy slippers are great to have around no matter what the season, giving you a little bit of luxury with every step. They do get worn out over time, however. Instead of dropping cash on a new pair every year, learn how to make them yourself to keep your toes warm and comfortable your whole life long. Here's how to make your own set of fuzzy, soft, fitted booties that are warm and cozy with minimal sewing.

Step 1 - Trace a Pair of Boots

Take a pair of winter boots and trace the bottom of them them onto a one-inch piece of foam, leaving about a quarter inch of extra space around the sole as buffer space. Do this once, then grab the opposite boot and trace that so that you get a left and right sole. Label your shapes as “left” and “right” to help you keep track of them throughout the project, as you’ll end up with quite a few pieces and it could end up getting confusing if you fail to label.

Step 2 - Cut the Template

Cut out the templates you traced onto the foam.

Step 3 - Trace Again

Trace again, only this time, trace the pieces of foam you just cut out onto the gripping fabric and fuzzy fabric so you have four more shapes to be cut out. Leave a half-inch border around the shape you’re tracing as buffer space.

grip fabric with friction dots

Step 4 - Cut the Fabric

Cut the fuzzy and grippy fabric along the traced shapes. Again, label these as “left”and “right” pieces to cut down on potential confusion.

Step 5 - Pin the Fabric

Pin the fuzzy side and grippy side fabric together so that the fuzzy side and grippy sides are both facing inward. These should be layered on top of each other in this step.

Step 6 - Sew Around the Sole

Sew around the fabric you pinned, leaving at least a two-inch opening.

hand with needle darning the bottom of a sock

Step 7 - Add in the Foam

Add in the foam pieces to each fabric sole you sewed via the hole you left and sew up the opening once it’s in place.

Step 8 - Cut Rectangles

Now it’s time to cut the top section of the boot. Cut two rectangles that are 15 by 12 inches in dimensions. If you want to line not only the outside of the slipper but also the inside with the cozy fabric, double up on this step.

Step 9 - Trace the Top of the Boot

Lay your fabric over the pair of boots you originally used in the first step, tracing the toe curve onto the fabric directly. Cut two of these out to form the front of the slippers.

Step 10 - Fold and Sew

Now, fold the rectangle pieces in half so that the two 15-inch lengths match up evenly. Sew about seven inches down. Then, fold the toe piece in half, matching the fold up with the end of the sewn line.

Step 11 - Pin the Toe Piece

Pin the edges of the toe piece to the un-sewn side of the rectangle, then sewing it to hold the pieces together.

Step 12 - Pin the Sole

Now, pin the sole to the bottom of the boot form that you just sewed together. Sew onto the boot form. If you’re using a sewing machine, this could be tricky due to all the fuzz. Switch to hand-sewing as needed.

Step 13 - Create a Band

Your slippers are almost finished! Fold over the top edge of the bootie and stitch it all the way around so that it’s permanently sewn down, creating a band.

Step 14 - Add in a Lace

It’s a nice touch to add in a lace to the slipper not only as an aesthetically pleasing adornment, but also to add function. This could also be a great chance to add a pop of color to your slippers if desired. This lace allows you to tighten the bootie around your ankle. Cut two small holes in the top layer of fabric in the band you created. Thread the shoelace through the holes.

These slippers are a fun and easy DIY project and you’ll get an abundance of use out of the finished product for a long time to come!