Make Your Own Heatable, Scented Neck Pillow

What You'll Need
Material for the case
Rice or buckwheat husks
Small wooden balls soaked in essential oil
Sewing machine
Tailors chalk

A neck pillow supplies important head support for people who are lounging or sleeping in places like airplanes. By making your own heated, scented neck pillow you can enjoy spa-like ambiance and comfort in your own home.

Making a neck pillow is very simple and quick to do.

The Case

Choose a piece of material for the case. Preferably the material will be soft but strong. Brushed denim or brushed cotton is ideal. A textured or patterned material that matches your decor is a great way to customize your neck pillow.

Fold the Material

Fold the case material in half with the face side inwards. Using tailors chalk draw the outline of the pillow on the material. Make it slightly larger than you want the pillow to be. You can make the curve in the pillow as sharp or as shallow as you like.

Pin the Material

Pin the material so that the shape you have drawn can be cut out from both sides at once. Pin the folded material about ½ inch inside the line.

Cut Out the Case

Following the drawn line and cutting through both sides of the folded material cut out the shape of the case.

Sew the Case

With the sewing machine stitch both sides of the shape together along the line you drew. For added strength use a double row of stitches. Leave a gap of 2 inches at one end.

Cut Darts

You will now have a u-shaped doubled piece of material. Along the edges on the curves carefully cut some darts. These will be narrow triangular shapes and cut to as close to the stitching as possible. Do not cut the stitches.  Cut the darts about 1 inch apart at the sharp turn and 2 inches apart elsewhere.

Reverse the Case

Without tearing the stitches at the open end, turn the shape inside out. Simply push the sides of the shape through the gap. When the case is reversed smooth it out to make sure there are no lumps in the seams.

Fill the Case

Add the wooden balls to the rice or husks and mix them so they are spread throughout the rice. (The buckwheat husks will make you a herbal neck pillow). Using the funnel, pour the rice or husks into the case until it is packed to the firmness you want.

Close the Case

Sometimes you can use the sewing machine to sew up the opening. More often you will have to do this by hand. Make sure the sewing overlaps the machine stitching. Use a double row of stitching for security with one row of stitches very close to the edge of the material.

Your neck pillow is now finished. It can be warmed in the micro-wave and will retain the warmth for quite a while and give off a lovely aroma. By using it in conjunction with a scarf you can use it as a heated neck wrap.