Make Your Own High Chair Pads

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  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-100
What You'll Need
Sewing measuring tape
Newspaper or pattern trace paper
Foam pad (2 or 3 inches in thickness)
Foam cutting knife or bread knife
Sewing pins
Hook and loop
Sewing machine
Pen or pencil

If you have an old wooden high chair that you would like to make more comfortable for your baby's fanny, chair pads are an easy way to do it. You could go out and buy expensive chair pads, but you can also easily make them yourself and save a lot of money. So here's a handy how-to guide on making your own chair pads for your baby's high chair.

Step 1 - Create Pattern Outlines

Start by cutting your newspaper or pattern trace paper and fold it so that it sits in the high chair in the same way you want the cushion to be placed. You may need to use tape to help keep the paper in place. Trace the outline for your cushions and be sure to add a 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch seam allowance on the edges of the pattern. Also, be sure to mark each location where you will connect ties to hold the seat cushion in place. Mark any other locations you may need for straps or folds.

Step 2 - Cut Fabric

Since you will need two of each pattern pieces, double the fabric you'll be using before laying it out. Cut enough pieces of 1 inch strips to be used for ties. Measure the outer edge of the pattern and create strips that are twice the length of the edge of the pattern. Make sure it is also wide enough so that it can be folded for the desired ruffle or seam.

Step 3 - Create Loop Ties

Fold the strips that you cut for ties in half and use a hot iron to press them. You may have to alternate folding the strips in and out and press them until the seam appears permanent. After ironing, cut the tie strips to the desired length and then sew them close with your machine.

Step 4 - Connect Seat and Back

Sew the seat and back cushion material together along the area where you created your seam allowance. Make sure to leave a gap in the center of one of the seams so that you can turn the cushion material inside out later. Use your iron to press the seams together.

Step 5 - Join the Cushion Covers

Align the right sides of the fabric and ensure that the edges are lined up on the front and back of the pieces. Then pin the fabric in place and make sure all seams and curves fit nicely. Sew the seams together and trim off the seam allowance as needed. Again, press the seams with the iron.

Step 6 - Make Padding

Use your pieces of pattern paper to trace the pattern outline onto your foam pad and then cut the padding with a foam cutting knife or a bread knife.

Step 7 - Add Padding to Cushion Cover

Align the edges of the foam pad with the seams of the fabric cover. You may need to tack the edges of the pad to the fabric cover's seam allowance to hold it in place. Then turn the fabric cover right side out and smooth the padding and fabric. Stitch the opening of the fabric closed and use pins or tacks to hold the foam pad in place.

Step 8 - Make Strap Openings

If you'll be adding straps to the chair pad, sew buttonholes in the locations that you marked earlier. Run your strap through the holes.

Step 9 - Finish

Finally, use the ties to attach the chair pad to your baby's highchair. Then, stand back and admire your work.