Make Your Own Icicle Christmas Lights

What You'll Need
Strands of white outdoor/indoor mini Christmas lights
Clear zip ties

Icicle Christmas lights can be expensive. With these simple steps you can create your own icicle lights that are cost effective and beautiful. This project will take between 1 and 2 hours to complete but when finished you will have icicle lights that can be used year after year.

Testing the Lighting

To begin the project it is important to first check all of the strands of Christmas lights to make sure that they work. Plug each strand into an outlet and check for any missing bulbs. Make sure to use the mini Christmas lights and not the large bulbs as the tiny strands create the icicles much better. Once the lights have been tested you are ready to begin creating the icicle Christmas light project.

Creating the Icicles

The first step to creating the icicle lights is to gather a handful of 6 to 8 lights into a group. Then, secure the group together with a zip tie. The lights that you have tied together should be hanging vertically from the rest of the strand. Continue to gather groups of lights and tie them together until the entire strand has clusters of 6 to 8 lights at varying heights strung together.

To continue creating the icicle lights plug another strand into the strand that you have just completed and repeat the process of tying the groups of lights together. This process should be done for all of the strands of lights that are needed for your home.

Hanging the Lights

Once all of the strands of Christmas lights are grouped and the icicles are hanging vertically begin to hang them. Start with the first strand near an outlet and use a weather-resistant extension cord. Use hooks or Christmas light holders to secure them to the roof. Avoid using a staple gun as this can cause a fire hazard. Hang the lights so that the clusters are pointing down toward the ground. Continue until you have the roof completely lined with icicle lights and have reached the desired effect.

While buying Christmas lights can cost a fortune making your own icicle Christmas lights is a cost-effective way to still add a touch of the holidays to the exterior of your home. For an added flare try colored lights or blinking lights to create a whimsical look to your holiday decorations. Always remember to test your lights for faulty bulbs or wiring before you begin the project to avoid any fire hazards or dangers. Use lights that are safe for outdoor use and can withstand the elements of the season.

Going Green with Icicle Lights

Another option for the lights used for this project are solar powered Christmas lights. The same steps described above will create icicle lights that are budget friendly and eco-friendly at the same time.

With these tips and steps creating a holiday favorite, icicle Christmas lights, is easy and fun.