Make Your Own Rug Cleaning Solution

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  • 2-10 hours
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Most rug cleaning machines are sold with an expensive rug cleaning solution. This solution can cost as much as $15 or $20 for a small bottle, and several bottles may be required for even a single room. Luckily, there are many lower-cost alternatives that are just as efficient as the name brand rug cleaning solution.

1. Bleach

For white rugs, bleach can be an effective rug cleaning solution, as well as a disinfectant. It should be diluted to about one cup of bleach to every gallon of water.

2. Vinegar

Vinegar is an excellent rug cleaning solution for neutralizing odors. It should be diluted to about two cups of vinegar in every gallon of hot water. It will smell like vinegar when it is first applied, but the smell will dissipate as it dries.

3. Window Cleaner

mother and daughter cleaning a window

Even professional carpet cleaners sometimes use a rug cleaning solution of equal parts window cleaner and hot water. Window cleaner will freshen the carpet without leaving an unpleasant scent.

4. Ammonia

Ammonia can be used as an exact equivalent to the name brand rug cleaning solution, using the same amount of ammonia and water as is recommended by the name brand solution. Ammonia has a strong smell, but the smell will dissipate after it has dried. To help with the smell, use lemon scented ammonia. Also, some pets may be confused by the ammonia smell and urinate on the carpet, so pets should be kept away from the carpet until it has dried.