Make Your Own Tufted Rug

There’s nothing like the satisfaction one can derive from completing a home improvement project that beautifies your home. One of these projects that will yield impressive results while saving you a considerable amount of money is the construction of your own tufted rug. Despite what you may believe, constructing one of these rugs is easier than you think. So let’s take a look at the materials and methods you will need to create your own plush carpeting.

Step 1 – Create the Tuft

To create a tufted rug you will need to have experience in knitting with yarn. These rugs actually are held in place by a latex adhesive rather than tied in a knot to the warp threads.  This simple step greatly reduces the assembly time for these rugs. To create the tuft you begin by pushing the yarn of your choosing through the primary backer material. In the past, these rugs were knitted into six inch strips and then these strips were sewn together to make the overall rug.

Step 2 – Apply the Backing

After you’ve completed knitting the yarn into the primary backing in whatever patterns and colors you desire, it’s time to apply the secondary and final backing for your tufted rug. The secondary foundation or scrim as it is commonly referred to, is again applied with latex glue. This additional backing helps hold together the individual strips of knitted yarn. A final cloth backing that is applied with latex glue is the final step in applying the backing for the area rug.

Step 3 – Creating the Pile

The final step in creating your very own tufted rug is creating the pile for your area rug. After you’ve completed pushing the yarn through the primary backing and have applied the scrim and final backing you’re left with looped tufts of yarn. There are two factors in determining the height of the pile which is the initial height of the loop when it was pushed up and how much yarn you plan on cutting off the top. This can be accomplished with a good set of scissors and a little patience. It’s important to keep the cuts level and straight to achieve a uniformed appearance.

Completing any home improvement project can fulfill a homeowner with a sense of accomplishment. For those with knitting experience, the assembly of a tufted rug can be a beautiful addition to any room. The fact that it was created with your own hands will only enhance its look.