Tips For Your Bathroom Vanity Makeover

bathroom vanity with double sinks and storage.
  • 1-6 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 200-2,000

An easy way to jazz up your bathroom is to makeover your bathroom vanity. Before you tear out what you currently have, make sure you know what you will use to replace it. Here are some elements to consider in your bathroom project to replace a vanity.

1. Style Makes a Difference

Maybe you’re satisfied with the overall look of your bathroom and want to keep the same type of style. Maybe you’re thinking about making a major change. When you consider bathroom style, look at the total picture. It doesn’t make sense to replace a modern vanity with an antique, or to insert a shiny chrome bathroom vanity into a bathroom that’s all wood. Keep everything in perspective. There are many styles available, including modern, traditional, country, classic, eclectic, high-tech, contemporary, and antique.

2. Vanity as Focal Point

small bathroom with glass shower, vanity, and toilet

Next to a tub, the vanity in your bathroom makes a sizable statement. It’s probably the second biggest item there, and it is certainly visible upon entry. The vanity is also among the first elements in your bathroom that will begin to show the first signs of aging.

3. Many Different Choices

Choices for the vanity include double vanities, pedestal vanities, single vessel atop antique sideboard, vanity sink cabinets, console vanities, and bathroom console sinks.

4. Other Considerations

Part of choosing your bathroom vanity style also includes considerations of cabinets, surfaces of the counter, basin, sink, and faucets. The combinations can be dizzying in complexity, variety, and price.

5. Space Requirements

Measure every inch of the space you have for your bathroom vanity: height, width, and depth. Consider whether you need cabinets with room for your cleansers, towels, makeup, and things you use on a daily or frequent basis. If you already have enough cabinet or storage space in other cabinets or elsewhere in the home, maybe your choice will lean toward a simple but elegant pedestal sink.

6. Materials

large bathroom with toilet and vanity

Thinking about that gorgeous iridescent glass vessel you want to place on an elegant mahogany console? What about inlaid frosted glass tiles, stone, marble, chrome, stainless steel, even leather-wrapped surfaces? Whether you're on a budget or shooting for high-end luxury, the material choices are plentiful.

7. Maintenance Makes a Difference

With all the choices available to you, it’s important to remember that whatever you buy will need cleaning and maintenance. Wood, for example, may easily scratch or chip. Painted surfaces can peel. Stone and tile may crack and chip. Glass is susceptible to scratching and breakage, especially with extreme temperatures of hot and cold. Stainless steel and chrome are prone to streaking and smudges; therefore, they require more frequent cleaning.

In the end, weigh and balance the style, type, and materials against how often you’ll be using the bathroom and whether or not you feel comfortable with the type of maintenance required to keep your new bathroom vanity in tip-top shape for years to come.