Making a Bagless Vacuum Smell Good

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What You'll Need
Pot pourri
Baking soda

If your bagless vacuum cleaner is giving off a bad odor, you will want to isolate the source of the smell and eliminate it. You can always opt for the easy fix of masking an odor with perfumed products, but that won't solve the problem. Your best solution is to eliminate the source by killing the bacteria causing the smell and then disinfecting your vacuum. For a green solution, you can combine bacteria-eliminating agents with an air freshener.

Perfumed Products

Place potpourri into the vacuum chamber, which will generate a good smell while in use. Potpourri can be store-bought or you may choose to make your own, choosing your favorite scents. If you prefer a calming scent, choose scents like vanilla. For an upbeat feeling, choose citrus scents such as orange or lemon, and for an awakening sensation, try mint or eucalyptus.

Scented oils can be used in the vacuum creating the same sort of pleasing smell as an air freshener or a scented candle.


    Homemade essential oils are an ideal option because you can add ingredients that have scents you enjoy plus, with a little soap and water added, it becomes a disinfectant spray. You can actually clean the vacuum with this solution. For an added scent while your vacuum is in use, you can spray a cloth with this solution and place it in the vacuum cleaner. It will disperse the scent throughout the room.

    Store-bought enzyme odor cleaners will kill any bacteria or mold that might have built up over time.

      Chlorine-based cleaning products are a great solution for attacking bacteria and, therefore, eliminate any bad smells. Chlorine dioxide gas is a disinfectant and is actually used often to disinfect drinking water and is very safe for household use.

      Baking soda is another odor-eliminating product that is natural and harmless. Mix it with a bit of water and use it to clean the vacuum.

        What Not to Use

        You don’t want to place any deodorizing items in the vacuum cleaner like flea collars. These have chemicals that are hazardous and will be dispersed into the air while using the vacuum cleaner.

          The disinfecting solutions listed here are your best bet because they attack the source of the odor to eliminate the bad smells. Killing any bacteria, mold, or spores that might be growing in the vacuum cleaner itself is critical to a permanent solution.