Making a Bird Seed Feeder out of a Milk Carton

What You'll Need
Empty milk carton
Sharp pair of scissors
Wood glue
Moss, straw and other decorations
Wax pencil and ruler

You can make a beautiful bird feeder for your yard using an empty milk carton. This fun project is a great way to attract sparrows, finches and other small-feathered birds to your backyard. You can have your children help you make the bird feeder by following these steps.  

Step 1- Make the Door

Before you begin, roughen the outside of your milk carton with sandpaper. This will help the paint to adhere.

Use a wax pencil and ruler to draw a square opening on one side of the carton, about 4 inches by 4 inches, at least 2/3 of the way down.  Cut this opening that will serve as the door with a sharp pair of scissors. The remaining 1/3 at the bottom of the carton will be used to hold the seeds.  

Step 2- Make a Perch

Using the point of the scissors or a sharp knife, poke a hole on each side of the door, about ½-inch below it. Insert thin twigs or sticks into these holes and secure them in place with glue. Make sure the twigs or sticks are sticking out a few inches in front of the bird feeder since these will provide a place for the birds to land.

You may even make one hole under the door of the feeder and insert a single bamboo skewer into it.  

Step 3- Decorate your Feeder

You can paint and decorate your feeder any way you like. Children love this part the most --so let their creativity flow, supervising them when needed. The feeder can be painted a single bright color or decorative designs in different colors can be added. You can glue moss and straw to the sides of the feeder and use chips for the roof. Use any material you find around the house but remember not to make your feeder too shiny or loud and  scare the birds instead of attracting them.  

Step 4- Insert Twine

Poke a hole at the top of the carton with the sharp point of your scissors and insert twine through it to make a hanger. The amount of twine you use will depend on where you want to place the feeder. Ideally, it should be placed up on a tree away from any traffic,so birds feel safe when visiting the feeder while keeping it at a height that permits easy refill  Tie the loop tightly, twice if possible, to prevent it from unraveling. You can spray ithe twine with protective gloss that can be purchased in craft stores.  

Step 5- Fill with Birdseed and Hang

Using a spoon, ill the bottom of your bird feeder with a mixture of seeds. Hang the feeder on a sturdy branch and enjoy the happy chirps of your feathered visitors.