Making a Cover for Your Patio Chaise Lounge Chair

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What You'll Need
Waterproof fabric to size
Sewing machine
Sealer for the seams
Tape measure

Be sure to protect your patio chaise lounge chair from inclement weather whenever possible. You'll find that a waterproof cover can make a big difference in extending the life of your lounge chair. The following provides a guide to help you make your own cover for your patio chaise lounge chair.

Step 1 - Accurately Measure the Chaise

The irregular shape of the chaise requires a little more measuring to get a good fit. For the best drainage, aim for a simple shape and forget the individual contours of the chaise. You can restrict your measurements to the hight at the end of the chaise, the height at the foot of the chaise, and the distance between head and foot at the width of the chaise. For the purpose of this article, the sample measurements are 3 feet, 18 inches, 6 feet, and 2 feet. Add enough material to these measurements to make a seam.

Step 2 - Choose the Material

Be sure to use a waterproof material when you make the cover. This can be woven PVC sheeting or rubberized cotton.

Step 3 - Estimate the Amount of Material Needed

A simple design for the cover will be two sides joined by a strip the width of the chaise. The two sides will need material that is 6x3 feet. To accommodate the change in height of the chaise, one edge will be cut down to 18 inches along a line that joins with the 3-foot sides. You should have two pieces of material in the same shape. When held together, the pieces will have the same sides in contact.

The third piece of material will be the long strip that will join the sides together. This strip needs to be 10 feet 8.25 inches long by 2 feet wide (after being seamed all round).

Step 4 - Build the Cover

The long strip of material needs to be sewn edge to edge to one of the side panels. Once the first side panel has been attached, the second can be attached in the same way.

Step 5 - Reverse the Cover

You should now have a recognizable, but inside out, cover. Reverse it and ease out the seams. Place the cover over the chaise and make it a snug fit. Depending on the material you chose to make the cover with, you should now seal the seams. Remove the cover from the chaise and reverse it to do this. Allow the seal to dry thoroughly before you put the cover back on the chaise.

Step 6 - Weigh the Bottom Edges

To hold the cover in place, use curtain weights along the bottom edges of the cover.

This is a very simple cover that will keep the worst of the weather off your chaise lounge. There is one thing to remember about covers like this. Waterproof patio furniture covers must never be put over furniture that is not dry. The furniture will remain damp under the cover, allowing mold and mildew to flourish.