Making a Cushion for Your Vanity Stool

What You'll Need
Chosen fabric
Sponge or suitable stuffing
Tape measure
Fabric chalk
Sewing machine
Thread same color as fabric
Paper and pen

A vanity stool can be paired with a vanity table to create the perfect place for personal care needs. The amount of time spent on the stool will make it necessary to make it as comfortable as possible, which will make a cushion beneficial. By following a few steps, you will find it possible to custom make a cushion suitable for your vanity stool.

Step 1 – Plan

Plan the design for it, which must start with measuring the seat of the stool. These dimensions should be noted down so that they can be used as a guide while you work. Consider the vanity and the décor to decide on the color and type of fabric that you want for the cushion. Use all this information to gather the materials and equipment needed for the project.

Step 2 – Create Pattern    

The pattern you use will depend on the material that you intend to use to stuff the cushion for the vanity stool. Where a single thick layer of sponge is being used, it is prudent to create a cushion cover of the same shape, such as a cylinder or cube. Where feathers or pieces of sponge are being used, a flat cushion cover can be used. Lay the fabric with the right side down and use a tape straightedge and the measurements you took from the chair to draw the necessary lines with fabric chalk. Cut the fabric at least 1 inch larger than the cushion requires to take into account the areas that need to be sewn.

Step 3 – Cut and Sew

Cut the fabric along the lines that you have drawn, if possible, with a scissors that comprises a zig-zag blade, which will prevent the fabric from fraying. Before sewing, make sure that you align the fabric carefully and lay one piece atop the other with the display side facing each other. Run the edges through the sewing machine at about an inch from the edge, making sure that you leave a gap to turn the fabric inside out and fill it. If you want to fit a zip to be able to remove the cover when it requires cleaning, this must be undertaken first. Align the fabric with the edges of the zip and run it through the needle of the sewing machine.     

Step 4 – Fill and Finish      

After the cushion has been sewn, turn it inside out so that it the correct way around. Fill it with the desire filling material to the desired quantity and/or thickness. If a zip has been fitted, it can be closed in this manner. Alternatively, the opening that remains can be closed by undertaking some sewing with a needle and thread. Make sure the vanity stool is tightly sewed before making use of it.