Making a Dog Bed for Your Large Dog

What You'll Need
Old Couch Cushions or Pillows or Stuffing
Long Zipper
Upholstery Fabric (Thick)
Matching Thread to the Fabric
Sewing Machine
Fabric Scissors

Buying a dog bed, especially for a large dog, at a local pet shop is expensive. Making one for your large dog yourself is inexpensive. It can even be considered free if you have all the materials and supplies needed to make a dog bed already in your house. It is easy and quick to make. If you are advanced in your sewing skills, you can make a rectangular or round dog bed. You can create a perfect dog bed in any colors or styles you like for your dog that will last for many years to come. Follow the simple step-by-step guide below to make a dog bed for your best friend.

Step 1 – Measure Your Large Dog

Make sure you have or buy enough fabric by measuring your dog while it is sleeping. You can also measure the cushion or pillow that you are using to make the dog bed. Make sure, however, that the cushion or pillow is a right fit for your dog. This gives you an idea of how much space it requires and the size of the dog bed to be made. You have to ensure that you make the bed large enough for your large dog to sleep in. The last thing you want is an ill-fitting dog bed which can cause discomfort to your dog.

Step 2 – Buy Fabric or Use Leftovers

After you have the measurements, buy thick upholstery fabric or use leftover fabric, if any. Be sure that the fabric is made of strong material before embarking on this project.

Step 3 – Cut Fabric

Using fabric scissors, cut out 2 large squares from the fabric. Allow at least an extra 1-inch seam at every edge.

Step 4 – Sew Fabric

Put together the 2 pieces of square fabric that you just cut out, with the good sides facing each other. Use the sewing machine to sew 3 sides together. Then, sew the long zipper onto the 4th side. When sewing the zipper, be sure to sew it with the zipper facing down so that when the fabric is turned right side out, the zipper is facing the right way. You now have a cover. You can go without the zipper. However, the dog bed won’t last long as the cover will not be able to be washed. After sewing, check to make that all the seams hold up.

Step 5 – Sew Extra Stitches on the Edges

Turn the cover the right side out. Iron it so that the corners and edges lay flat. Next, sew a stitch all around the edges of the cover. This adds reinforcement and extra strength to the seams.

Step 6 – Add Stuffing

Place a pillow, cushion, or stuffing inside the cover. The cushion or pillow may be able to be placed inside the cover intact. If not, cut the cushion or pillow open and use the stuffing. You now have a dog bed.

Step 7 – Sew Dog Bed Closed

Using a needle and thread, zip up and sew just a few stitches to hold the zipper closed. Make sure that the stitches are easy to take out when you want to wash the cover. You now have a new dog bed.