Making a Finger Joint: Mistakes to Avoid

Making a finger joint is an alternative to a dovetail joint. A finger joint is very strong and can be very decorative is using more than one kind of wood. Open a dresser drawer and remove it. The panels are put together using the finger joint method. The article that follows will go over several easily avoidable mistakes when making a finger joint.

Measure Often

A finger joint is a cut in the wood that allows for a tight marriage between another piece of wood cut the same way. If the cut is off even slightly the 2 pieces will not fit together. It is imperative to measure your cuts several times before actually cutting. This will ensure a great finger joint.


A finger joint is not complicated to make but never start out doing one on your project piece. Assemble several scraps of wood and practice making the finger joint and putting the pieces together. Practice makes perfect when working with wood.

Use a Dado Cutter

Never use just a pencil and a saw to cut a finger joint. This will certainly cause uneven joints and the pieces will not fit properly. A dado cutter will make sure the finger joint is perfect.