Making a Flower Planter out of Brick

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  • 2-20 hours
  • Beginner
  • 25-500
What You'll Need
Red bricks
Shrubs or flowers

Building a brick flower planter is a landscaping project that will look great around a prized flower or accenting a group of shrubs. You can make these brick flower planters as large as you want, or just a small planter with a few flowers in it. Do you have a hill where you need a small retaining wall? Why not turn it into a brick flower planter? There are so many applications and designs for a brick flower planter that you will never run out of ways to build one.

Step 1 - Prepare Foundation

There are several different ways to begin your brick flower planter. You can build it around an existing tree or flower bed, or around your home from scratch. Whichever method you choose, you will still need to lay down a solid foundation for the bricks.

Dig out a level area at least six inches below the surface of the soil. Lay down a layer of sand for a foundational surface and to help keep the starter row level. Stamp it down with the edge of a garden hoe or a small stamper. Do not use your feet.

Step 2 - Mix Mortar

Use the directions on the bag of mortar and begin mixing it to the desired consistency. Use regular water and a bucket or small masonry trough.

Step 3 - Lay Starter Course

person building a brick wall

Once the sand is ready, you can begin to set down the first row of bricks. You will be laying them down end to end so you will only be placing mortar on each end. Lay the first brick on the sand. Take a second brick and trowel mortar onto the end of it. This should be about 1/4 inch thick. Place next to the previous brick and wiggle back and forth for a good placement. Check to make sure the two bricks are level and continue with the next bricks until the entire row is finished.

Step 4 - Build Brick Flower Planter

The first row will take the most time. You must ensure it is level throughout the entire process. Once the first row is completed, you can begin working up until your brick planter is completed. Trowel on mortar to both the bottom and end of the brick before placing it on the planter. Check periodically for level to keep everything straight.

Step 5 - Smooth Mortar

After you have finished laying the bricks, take the end of your trowel and run it through the joints of the bricks to give the mortar a smooth, finished look.

Step 6 - Fill with Soil

building a brick wall

Let the brick wall set up for a few days to allow the mortar to cure completely. Take your bags or mounds of soil and begin filling in the planter.

Step 7 - Plant Flowers

Plant your flowers, shrubs, or small trees inside the planter. Water the soil until it is moist and then lay down a layer of mulch to keep weeds, bugs, and pests from invading.