How to Make a Patchwork Fabric Shower Curtain

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What You'll Need
Fabric swatches
Sewing machine
Measuring tape
Cotton sheeting for backing
Straight pins
Fusible fabric

If you're looking for the perfect fabric shower curtain to match a country cabin look, consider making a patchwork curtain. Shower curtains made from fabric can compliment any style of decoration.

If you already have a quilt, you can simply remove the backing fabric and batting, then add a cotton liner and shower rings. If you want an original, make your own. Use quilting fabrics or cotton squares to quilt your design. Your patches can be as large or small as you like.

Step 1 - Measure Your Shower

Measure from the top of the shower rod to the bottom of your shower or tub, where the bottom of the curtain hem will ultimately hang. Add 4-inches to the total vertical measurements for your curtain hems. If you are going to split the curtain into 2 panels, add 8-inches to your measurements. You can use your shower rod length for your horizontal measurement.

Step 2 - Create Your Patchwork Design

Since you'll be patching pieces of fabric together as you would a quilt, begin by creating a pattern or design that will coordinate with your other bathroom decor. You can use a quilting pattern, or you can simply arrange your fabric to resemble a random patchwork pattern.

At the end of the vertical fabric, pin a piece of 4-inch-wide fusible web to the patchwork fabric on the opposite side. Once you sew and reverse the fabric, you'll iron it through the fabric to create a stiff backing for your ring holes or grommets.

Step 3 - Attach the Lining and Hem Your Curtain

Place the opposite side of the patchwork fabric next to a cotton liner and stitch around the entire fabric, leaving a 10-inch space in the center of 1 end so that you can turn the piece right-side-out after stitching. Hand stitch that opening closed after turning.

Smooth the fusible web and iron it through the liner. Secure your fabric to the backing with small ties or with your sewing machine, moving in patterns or with random circles across the fabric. If you plan to split your curtain into 2 halves, do so before attaching the liner or web. Then follow the same process.

Step 4 - Make Your Ring Holes

Using a fabric marker, measure and equally space 12 shower ring holes. You can use a grommet ring and hole maker to put in your ring holes or the button-hole attachment on your sewing machine. The first and last holes should sit 3-inches from your side hems. Space the remaining 10 holes evenly between those measurements. The holes should be 1-inch from the top hem. Insert your shower curtain rings and hang the curtain.