Building Storm Window Frames

Lead Image for Building Storm Window Frames
  • 4-12 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 250-700
What You'll Need
1x2 Pine Wood
Rubber Washers
Wood Screws
Table Saw/Circular Saw
Tape Measure
Cordless Drill
Exterior Paint

Building a storm window frame is one of the best ways to make your home more energy-efficient. Here are some simple steps to follow to create a basic storm window frame.

Measure Window

In order to build a storm window frame, you must know the dimensions. Your storm window will hang on the outside of your window frame. The measurements you take must also include this. Measure the height from the outside of your window frame. Next, measure the width in the same manner.

Cut Wood to Size

Once you have the measurements for your storm window, you can cut the lumber to size. Since the pieces are not going to be very large it is easier, and safer, to cut them on a table saw. However, if you use sawhorses a circular saw will also work.

Assemble Frame

Using wood screws and wood glue, assemble the frame with a simple butt joint. Use two screws for each of the four sides.

Cut The Plexiglass

The plexiglass is much easier to work with than glass and you are less apt to cut yourself while working with it. Cutting plexiglass requires a little more care than you would take with the pine. Set your table saw with a fine-tooth blade. First, measure the storm window frame for the dimensions to cut the plexiglass. Your plexiglass should be 1/4 inch shorter than the outside edges of the frame.

Mark the measurement on the Plexiglas with light pencil marks. Place blue painter's tape on the marks. Cut along the tape so that there will not be any type of splintering or cracking of the plexiglass. Cut the plexiglass to size.

Install Plexiglass

Pre-drill small holes into the plexiglass about 1/8 inch from the edge. Set plexiglass on top of the frame and screw it down. Make sure the screw holes are at least 8 inches apart. Place a bead of caulking all the way around the exterior of the plexiglass. Smooth out with a flat blade.

Sand and Paint

Use a handheld sander and smooth out the storm window frame. Paint it according to the color of your choice with exterior paint.

Using Storm Window Frame

When you need to use the storm window frame, simply screw it to the existing window frame with wood screws. Make sure you screw into the edges of the storm window so you do not crack the plexiglass. When you do not need it any longer, remove and store it.