Making a Wall Pot Rack out of a Cupboard

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Screw Hooks
Working gloves
Marking pen
Claw hammer
Sand paper
Wall brackets

A wall pot rack can be made from a cupboard to increase space in the kitchen. Cupboards take too much space and they might not provide enough storage space as needed. Instead of keeping it away, simply use its strong boards and materials to put up a wall pot rack. It is an ideal way of saving cost.

Step 1 – Dismantle Cupboard

Place the cupboard in a spacious area and lay it on the ground. Do not work on it while it is in an upright position, it can easily topple over. Use a hammer to remove nails from the rear side of the cupboard. Loosen screws using a screw driver. Use a claw hammer to pull out the nail.

Work on all sides and dissemble each part at a time until the entire cupboard is dismantled. Lay the pieces on a clean place and select the cleanest and strongest parts. Make sure the selected wood is in good condition.

Step 2 – Locate Position

Find the best position to design a wall pot rack in the kitchen. In this case, the size of the pot rack will be determined by the materials obtained out of the cupboard.

Step 3 – Take Measurement

Make a decision about the size of the wall pot rack. Take inro consideration the size of room and available space in the room. This makes it possible to build a rack proportional to the size of the kitchen.

Stretch the tape measure across the wall’s surface, take the desired length and keep in mind the amount of wood available. Transfer the measurement on selected pieces of wood. If it is too long, consider joining different wood pieces together to get the desired length.

Step 4 – Prepare Wood

Prepare the measured pieces of wood by cleaning them. Use water and a cloth and leave them to dry. Smooth the surface to remove old paint, stain or polish using a sand paper. Apply desired finish such as paint, stain or polish and leave it to dry

Step 5 – Attach Wood Board to the Walls

Locate wall studs and attach wall brackets. It is ideal to put two of them for every piece, ideally at both ends of the wood. Position the wood board on the brackets and mark where to drill holes for inserting screws. Drill holes on the board, place the board on the wall and fasten the screws. Make sure the board is secure.

Step 6 – Fix Screw Hooks

Insert a desired number of screw hooks on the wood board. Fix them tightly using a screwdriver or pliers. Hang pots as desired.