Making a Warm Outdoor Dog Bed in Your Dog's House

What You'll Need
Round dog cushion (with springs for extra support)
Electric heater with flat pad attachment and temperature control
Extension cords
Large pillow case
Pillow stuffing (cotton, plastic bags, etc.)
Multiple hot water bottles
Hot water

A dog bed is a useful addition for any home with a canine pet. While many dogs are content to lay on the ground or on the floor to sleep or rest, others prefer to have a cushioned surface on which to stay. Dogs that are older or that have specific bone or joint problems may be the most likely to prefer to sleep on a cushion. If your pet sleeps outside in a dog house, it's not only nice to have a cushion for him, but to provide a heat source as well. Heated dog cushions are easy to make; there are two primary types of heated dog cushions that you can build.

Step 1 -- Prepare the Cushion

If you plan to use an electric heater to provide your pet's bed with warmth, first lay out a premade flat and round dog cushion inside your pet's dog house. The cushion should be large enough so that your pet can fit his entire body on it, and you should also provide him with a spring support system if his bones or joints cause him pain.

If you don't want to use an electric heater, empty a pillow out of a large pillow case and stuff the pillow case with plastic bags, cotton or some other filler material. Do not fill the case completely, as you'll need to leave a bit of room inside of it for later.

Step 2 -- Apply the Electric Heater

For electrically heated dog beds, lay the heating pad underneath the cushion and find a good way to run the cord outside of the dog house. In some cases, it may be easiest to run it out of a window or to drill a small hole in the side of the house. Use extension cords to attach the cord to the nearest power outlet. Be careful always to leave the temperature low enough that it does not present a fire hazard, and always unplug the heater if you leave the house.

Step 3 -- Use Hot Water Bottles

If you'd prefer to not have an electric heater, you can provide your pet with a heated bed by using hot water bottles as well. Fill multiple hot water bottles up with hot water, then place the bottles inside of the semi-full pillow case. Cover them up with filler material so that they will not present uncomfortable bumps in the casing.

Hot water bottles are safer and require less cost than an electrical heater, but they must be changed frequently. If you use hot water bottles to heat your pet's bed, plan to check on them every hour or so and refill them with hot water as necessary.