Making a Wrought Iron Metal Headboard from Fencing

What You'll Need
Wrought iron fence
Measuring tape
Metal saw
Angle grinder
Metal drill bits
Metal paint

A metal headboard is expensive and usually is sold separate when you buy a bed regardless of the frame. A wrought iron fence is, however, fairly inexpensive. You can usually find these discarded on the side of the road, at yard sales or on your own property. You can salvage these wrought iron fences and create a metal headboard out of them. It sounds harder than it is but it is quite easy with a few simple tools, a little time and the information in the article below.

Step 1 – Remove the Metal Fence

If the fence is currently in use then you will need to remove it from the ground. If the fence is already out of the ground and ready to be prepared you can skip ahead to Step 2. Wrought iron fences are installed in sections and then bolted together. Measure the width of the bed frame and use that measurement to determine the smallest possible section of fence to use. Use the angle grinder to cut the fence at the bolts. Tape the top of the fence or the cross bar to remove the fence from the ground. If this proves too difficult then use the shovel to dig around the base of the fence. This should allow you to remove the wrought iron fence easily.

Step 2 – Prepare the Metal

You may need to cut the fence down more to meet the width requirements of your bed frame. Use the angle grinder and carefully grind the metal down until a metal saw can be used to finish the cut. If the fence is relatively thin you may not need to use the saw at all. Once the piece is cut to the length always grind down the cut edges so they are not sharp. Sand down and polish the metal to your liking and you can also cut the fence down to whatever height you would prefer for your metal headboard. Once the metal fence is cleaned up and polished you can then paint it with metal paint.

Step 3 – Install the Metal Headboard

This is the trickiest part of the project because a wrought iron fence is usually very heavy. Place the fence against the wall and line the frame of the bed up with it. You can use the weight of the bed frame to secure the metal headboard. Use a marker and put a spot on each side of the vertical sections of the fence. Fit the electric drill with a drill bit capable of drilling through metal. Use it to drill out the spots you made. Make sure the new metal headboard is straight and firmly in place. Cut a piece of metal wire and place each end through a hole on each side of a vertical piece of the fence. Use the pliers to twist both ends together so they are tight and flush with the metal frame. Repeat for each set of holes.