Making Biscuit Joints: Mistakes to Avoid

Biscuit joints are made of a thin portion of wood that is shaped like an oval. They are then put into slots formed by a biscuit joiner and glued into them. Since the glue is moist, it makes the biscuit swell up, and thus it tightens inside the joint and holds it firm. Here are some mistakes to avoid when making biscuit joints:

1. Getting Wrong Biscuit Size

Usually, you want to attempt to use the biggest biscuit you can, since this will obviously give the joints the most strength. Make sure you measure properly, so the one you use is the best choice.

2. Not Checking Parts Fit before Gluing

Before you glue the biscuit joints into the slots, be sure to put them together dry so you know they fit. This will save problems later when you add the glue.

3. Not Checking While Gluing the Joints

When it’s time to install the biscuit joints into the slots, you need to be careful how much glue is used. If too much glue is used it could ruin the finish of the joints, so be sure to wipe off any excess glue that squeezes out.

4. Wet Biscuits

Any unused biscuits should be kept in a dry and clean storage area. If not, they can soak up moisture from the humidity in the air, causing them to swell up and be worthless for later use.

5. Watch the Biscuit Joiner for Burning

If you happen to see that the biscuit joiner is burning your biscuit joints, then that means the blades are no longer sharp enough to do the job, and must be replaced.