Making Decorative Shower Walls from Colored Glass

Lead Image
  • 4-8 hours
  • Advanced
  • 500-3,000
What You'll Need
Colored pencils
Colored glass
Silicone caulk
Caulk gun
Wet rags

Decorating shower walls with colored glass can really make your bathroom seem different. It brings new light into the room and adds a very personal touch. It’s not difficult to apply colored glass to the shower walls although it will take time. It’s not something that will be completed in an hour or two.

Step 1 - Plan

Before you start decorating the shower walls you need to plan what you’re going to do. There’s the choice of patterns or of creating something like a mosaic, using the colored glass to create a picture on the shower walls.

Use graph paper and make a scale drawing of the shower walls you wish to decorate. By having the wall divided into grids, constructing the design is much easier. Use colored pencils to delineate the different areas of the design. This will give you a template from which you can work on the shower walls.

Step 2 - Gather Materials

You’ll need plenty of clear silicone caulk for this job, as you’ll need to attach every piece of colored glass individually. Make sure you stock up as it means you won’t have to break off in the middle of working to go to the hardware store. Finding colored glass is easy. Many craft stores sell it. It will usually be in the form of large glass beads or small pieces of glass.

Don’t attempt to break up glass and use that. The glass will need to be smoothed before you can use it for a task like this, especially in the shower. Rather than attempting this yourself, it’s much easier to buy colored glass that’s already been prepared.

Step 3 - Divide Walls

If you’re applying the colored glass to a solid wall, you can use a ruler and magic marker to divide the wall into grids that replicate the ones in your plan. With a glass wall use a marker with water-soluble ink on the other side of the glass. This will allow you to follow the template and remove the lines later.

Before doing any of this you need to clean the walls thoroughly. Use a solution of bleach and water on a solid wall, or vinegar on glass. Rinse off and then allow to dry before moving ahead.

Step 4 - Apply

Start in the center of the wall and put a small dab of caulk on the back of the first piece of glass. Push onto the wall and hold it until it stays in place. Move on to the next piece, making sure you follow the plan you’ve created.

Keep a number of pieces of different colors with you. This will mean you can move faster on the creation of the decoration. Go grid by grid, working out toward the corners. The decoration can cover the entire shower walls or just a small part as an accent-that’s completely up to you. Once you’ve finished your design allow the caulk to dry fully. To finish, put grout between the glass and then wipe with a wet towel to achieve the best look.