Making Faux Ceiling Beams

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What You'll Need
Tape measure
Painter's tape
Faux beams
Construction adhesive
Wood blocks
Wood putty

Faux ceiling beams do not add integrity to the structure itself, but they can add a great decorative touch to any home. Not only are they simple to create and install, but they are also surprisingly affordable.

Step 1 - Measure and Mark

Measure the ceiling where the faux beams will run, from end to end. Use the painter's tape to mark where you are planning to install the beams. Take the number of marks you've made and multiply this by the length of the ceiling. Add 10 percent for waste to calculate the amount of material you will need.

Step 2 - Decide on the Beams

You can purchase faux beams at most home improvement retailers. The faux beams are typically made of a foam product that is finished to look like wood. The foam will be inexpensive and very lightweight, making it simple to install. You will need to use caution with installation as the foam can crumble and fall apart if you aren't careful. You can also choose to make your own beams using 2x6 planks.

Step 3 - Create Mounting Blocks

Take measurements for the width and height of the beams and make the wood blocks. Cut the blocks to these measurements, making sure you have at least 2 inches of depth for each. You need one wood block for each stud you will attach the faux beams to.

Step 4 - Install Wood Blocks

If you haven't already, find and mark the ceiling studs. Using a simple stud finder for this if needed. Attach the wood blocks to each stud to which you are mounting the beams. Use wood screws to properly secure the blocks. The blocks need to be completely straight to ensure the beams will install properly. You won't be able to see the screws after the beams are installed, so don't worry about filling these or sinking them.

Step 5 - Mount the Beams

Have a friend help you line the beams up over the mounting blocks. Doing so will ensure you have a proper fit before you start the installation. Once you know you have them aligned correctly, you can use the construction adhesive. The adhesive should be placed on the edge of the beam at the places that will touch the ceiling.

You may need to hold the beam in place for a few minutes to ensure the adhesive is forming a bond. Use screws on the sides of the beams to attach them to the mounting block. Countersink these screws. This will keep the beam in place while the adhesive cures.

Step 6 - Clean and Finishing

Use a damp shop towel to remove any adhesive that has spilled over the edge of the beams. Allow the adhesive to dry, usually 24 hours as suggested by the manufacturer. Once it has dried you can fill in the holes created from the countersunk screws with wood putty. Use a paint or stain to touch up these areas once you are done so you have a uniform look.