Making Festive Cooking Aprons for the Holidays

Cooking aprons are an ideal gift for a friend or family member who enjoys being in the kitchen. Festive cooking aprons are a simple yet creative way to express the holiday spirit. You can make a festive holiday apron to suit any occasion – Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Fourth of July or Halloween. Handmade and homemade, these cute and creative kitchen must-haves are perfect for friends and family. Here is how you can make your own festive cooking aprons for the holidays.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Apron or apron pattern
  • 2 yards of holiday-themed printed cotton fabric
  • Large sheet of tissue paper
  • Pencil for Tracing 
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Pins
  • Binding
  • Sewing Machine
  • Coordinating Thread
  • Decorative satin ribbons, buttons or ruffles


Step 1 – Make an Apron Pattern

The first step is to make an apron pattern if you don’t have a premade one. Take an existing apron, fold it in half vertically and place it on top of the tissue paper. Use a pencil to trace around the folded apron. Remove the folded apron and cut along the penciled line. Unfold to get a full-size apron pattern.

Step 2 – Trace the Pattern on the Fabric

Place the fabric, printed side down, on a clean, flat surface. Place the paper pattern on top of the fabric and pin it to the fabric using the sewing pins. Trace around the pattern lightly with a pencil. Remove the sewing pins and pattern and cut the fabric along the penciled line.

Step 3 – Sew the Binding

The binding is a long piece of fabric that is used to add a trim to the apron and protect the fabric from fraying. Choose a color that coordinates well with the print on the fabric. Wrap the binding along the edges of the apron and secure with sewing pins. Use the sewing machine to stitch the binding in place. Remove the sewing pins once the binding is stitched and secure.

Step 4 – Create Apron Neck and Waist Tie

Use a 12- to 14-inch piece of broad satin ribbon or binding to go around the apron neck. Sew one end to one side of the top of the apron and repeat with the other end. For the waist strings or tie, take two pieces of ribbon or binding measuring 18 to 20 inches each and sew each piece to either side of the apron. Leave one end free to allow the person using it to tie the apron strings into a bow.

Step 5 – Add Trimmings

Once the apron is ready, you can add decorative trimmings, such as faux pockets made with buttons and ribbons or just a ruffle or ribbon around the edges of the apron.

Simple, quick and easy to make, festive cooking aprons can easily be teamed up with kitchen-related gifts for a sweet hamper. Choose prints or colors that express the festive spirit and add some trimmings for extra flair and you’ll have a lovely holiday-themed apron in next to no time.