Making Home Decor Candles

What You'll Need
Candle wax or beeswax
A taper or candle wire
A metal jug or drinking pot
A bigger pot
Cooking spray
Candle mold

Home decor is a difficult thing to achieve in all its glory, but making home decor candles is one way to complete the look of your home. Candles are traditionally important in the home. In the past they were used to give light, and also to provide blessings for people in the house, but these days they are chiefly used as ornaments. Making home decor candles is a bit more difficult than just making candles, you will need to consider color and texture, as well as using the wax to fashion a basic candle. However, once you have mastered the art, you will be able to make home decor candles of all varieties, and they can really be a very useful addition to the home decorating kit.

Step 1 - Getting the Candle Wax

You can buy candle wax at local craft store, either by buying the paraffin as a slab, or purchasing beeswax. The latter is much more expensive, and is also more difficult to mold, so you may be better off making a paraffin candle. If you would like to make a recycled candle, visit a thrift store, and buy a pot of broken and misshaped candles. You can either break these down by color at home, or keep the entire pot together for a patterned candle.

Step 2 - Melting the Candle

Take enough of your candle wax or paraffin to fill the small jug or drinking pot. Fill the larger pot almost full of water, and then place the smaller pot (containing the wax) into it. Start by heating up the large pot slowly, and then turn up to a medium heat once the pot begins to get warm. Watch the wax closely, as you could have a lot of problems if the paraffin starts to boil.

Step 3 - Prepare the Mold

As the wax is melting, get your mold ready. Take your wick, and cut off a piece so that it is around 4 to 5 inches longer than your mold. There should be a hole in the mold through which the wick can be threaded, leaving around 2 inches outside the hole. You should then take a pencil or similar, and tie the wick around it, so the wick is held in the center of the mold. Spray the cooking oil spray onto the inside of the mold (this will help you to extract the candle from the mold later).

Step 4 - Making the Candle

Take the heated wax or paraffin, and add a few drops of the color relevant to your home decor. Stir until the wax is the correct color, and then pour it into the mold. Let the candle cool for as long as necessary. Before the wax is completely firm, remove from the mold, and decorate with glitter, beads or buttons if this will suit your home decor.

If you find that the bottom of your candle has become uneven, then you can heat a plate in the microwave, and just rub the bottom of the home decor candles along the plate until the candle becomes flat.