Making Sofa Slipcovers for Sectionals

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Sewing machine
Straight pins
Fabric marker

Sofa slipcovers are an alternative to reupholstering, as you can change the style of your sofa easily. Sofa slipcovers are popular, due to the size of sectionals, but are difficult to purchase. You can solve this by learning how to make your own sofa slipcovers. Making sofa slipcovers for sectionals is easier than it sounds and this article will show you how.

Step 1 – Measure the Sectional

A sectional sofa is made up of several smaller units placed together. You need to measure the individual components that make up each piece of the sectional. Begin by measuring the length and width of the sectional. Measure the back of the sofa to get a total height. Extra fabric will be able to be tucked in or removed depending on your taste. Always add at least one inch to the measurements to allow for the seam.

Step 2 - Purchase Fabric

You can now purchase the fabric to be used for your sofa slipcovers. Buy an equal amount of muslin. It is always better to buy more fabric than to be caught with not enough. Choose a fabric that has some stretch to it and is not too heavy. Heavy fabric without give can be difficult to work with.

Step 3 - Create a Template

Instead of using paper to make a template, you'll be using muslin. Transfer the measurements of the sectional to the muslin using the marker. Once the measurements are transferred, cut the muslin along the lines. Drape the muslin over the sectional and turn it until it drapes naturally. Press the fabric around the arms and cushion until satisfied with the look. Trim the excess fabric but leave an inch along the bottom to be used as a hem. Mark the muslin with a fabric marker where it drapes, including over the arms, back, front and around the cushion. These lines will be the seams.

Step 4  – Cut the Fabric

Place the fabric to be used as the sofa slipcovers face down and spread it out. Put the muslin on top of it and pin it in place. Trim the fabric around the muslin. Place straight pins through the fabric where you drew the seam lines. Use the measuring tape to draw a straight line along these seam lines and then remove the pins.

Step 5 – Sewing

Fold the fabric along the seam lines and stitch along them to create a visible seam. These do not have to be very large, just enough to create a visible form. Drape the fabric over the sectional. Line the seams up, bring the edges together and pin them. Remove the fabric and sew along the edges that you pinned. Fold the bottom edge up 5/8-inch and sew to create the hem. Turn the fabric inside out and slide it over the sectional for a snug fit. You can now make sofa slipcovers for the rest of the pieces of the sectional.